Foss í Fossfirði

Fossfjörður is one of the the offshoot fjords of Arnarfjörður. It is the westernmost of the so called "Suðurfirðir", the Southern Fjords. In Fossfjörður, there is a farm named Foss and a waterfall with the same name-Foss, which means "waterfall." So, in Waterfall Fjord, you'll find a farm called "Waterfall" as well as a waterfall named "Waterfall." Confusing?

Maybe a little. In Fossfjörður you will also stumble up on the so called A-house, wich has been a popular pitstop among travellers and photographers. This abandoned house is unique for its shape and location.

GPS points
N65° 36' 6.473" W23° 32' 15.376"
Postal code
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