Víkingasvæðið Þingeyri

The saga of Gísli Sursson spans a large area of the fjords and the historical sites are described there with skill and accuracy. Until the 20th century, employment practices in these areas were the same as in the days of Gísli Sursson. By the time modern technology made its way into the Westfjords, some places were already deserted.

As a result, some of the historical sites look almost identical to what they did while Gísli Sursson walked around.

Because of the untouched nature that you can enjoy in many places in the Westfjords, you have the opportunity to get in touch with the area's historic past. At Þingeyri, a Viking area has been built up with an outdoor recreation area consisting of a stage, benches and tables and barbecue facilities and the facilities are formed from a circular load of stones.

Then it is ideal to take the group on a cruise with the Viking ship Vésteinn.

GPS points
N65° 52' 51.682" W23° 29' 46.775"
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