Get off the ring road - and let the trolls guide you

The Strandir area, with its small towns, rich history, and impressive landscape is the perfect chance to do something a bit different.


Holmavik is a small fishing town nested by the large Steingrímsfjördur fjord. It is the largest town in the region and the perfect place to take a break and plan your Strandir adventure, and/or as a base for day trips.

Visitors will find all basic amenities, and more, in Hólmavík. Camping ground, various accommodation, and restaurants. There is a swimming pool, various tours available such as sailing and horseback riding, and the surrounding mountains provide endless opportunities for hiking and enjoying the unspoiled nature.

Highly recommended are visits to other small towns in Strandir. Drangsnes with its geothermal tubs right on the Steingrimsfjordur beach, Djupavik and its haunting, abandoned herring factory popular with artists and musicians, and last but not least, Nordurfjordur, "where the road ends", home to the famous Krossneslaug swimming pool.

Researching magic

Strandir was the setting for a witch-hunting craze in Iceland in the 17th century. Due to its isolation, the locals have throughout the centuries preserved stories of strange beings, ghosts and everyday witchcraft. Holmavik boasts two centres of research related to folklore and the history of Icelandic sorcery; the well-known Museum of Sorcery and Magic, and the University of Iceland's Folklore Research Institute.

GPS points
N65° 42' 23.389" W21° 40' 9.105"
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