Norðurfjörður is a part of Árneshreppur the least populous municipality in Iceland, with only 53 inhabitants. It stretches over a wide area, though, covering some 780 km2. The population density is thus only 0, 07 individuals per km2. The area does not enjoy any public transport, apart from one to two weekly flights from Reykjavik to Gjögur, a small settlement which is only inhabited during the summertime. Most visitors travel by car. Please note, though, that if you are traveling during the winter it is necessary to check the weather and road conditions before you visit the area.

Hikers who wish to visit the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve can catch a ferry from another tiny village, Norðurfjörður. There, they will also find guesthouses, a campsite, a small grocery store and a café. Just outside the village they will find the renowned Krossneslaug, one of the most popular geothermal pools in the Westfjords area.

GPS points
N66° 3' 4.254" W21° 32' 53.184"
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