Things to do

Activities of many kinds can be found along the Westfjordsway. The magnificent nature provides various activities such as hiking, beaches, bird watching and amazing viewpoints. Along the way you will also find museums of art and heritage, swimming pools, golf courses, camp sites and fishing spots in lakes and rivers. 

On your own, on rental bikes or with a guide.

Taste what Vestfjarðaleiðin has to offer.

Abundance of birds can be found along Vestfjarðaleiðin, wheter in cliffs, on the beach or at sea. 

The Westfjords Way is defiantly to enjoy the abundance of swimming pools.

Boat tours are a fun way to explore your surroundings, a great way to get between places and last but not least, ideal to spot wildlife in the fjords. 



A great way to learn what the area has to offer. 

Plentiful of playgrounds and parks for the whole family can be found along Vestfjaðaleiðin. 

Multiple golf courses can be found along Vestfjarðaleiðin, of all shapes and sizes. 

Hiking with or without a guide is always a popular mode of travel, Vestfjarðaleiðin has an abundance of hiking trails all around. 

The Icelandic horse is a favorite of many and known around the world as an excellent steed.

Along Vestfjarðaleiðin we have sheltered fjords and rich wildlife along the coast, ideal for a bit of paddling.  

A great way to learn about life in the countryside and Iceland's domestic animals. 

There is a good variety of museums all along Vestfjarðaleiðin so everybody should find something they like.

The northern lights are a thing of beauty and a sighting will stay in your memories for a long time.

 Travelling around with guidance from a professional photographer is a great way to experience interesting locations for photographing.

Get off the beaten track, experience the unexplored and enjoy the views. 

Great fun for people of all ages, sea angling trips are available around Vestfjarðaleiðin. 

For those who enjoy skiing or snowboarding there is a ski-resort in Ísafjörður, others can backcountry ski in the mountains in the Westfjords. 

Snowcat tours are a great way to enjoy winter and the beautiful mountains of Vestfjarðaleiðin. 

Whale watching is an incredible experience for people of all ages.

Seal spotting can be done from Vestfjarðaleiðin both from land and sea. 

Enter one of the many exhibitions of Vestfjarðaleiðin and get to know more about history, wildlife or sea monsters.